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Choose Skin peel treatment For a Glowing Skin

Our skin may not look the same all the time. Continuous exposure to sunlight, acne, and getting older will have a noticeable impact resulting in wrinkles, black spots, and scars on the surface of the skin. In order to bring back its lost charm and smoothness, it is advisable to go in for a Chemical Peel treatment. In this treatment, a chemical solution is used to remove the damaged layers of the skin by smoothing the texture of the skin.

Skin Peel treatments are of many types. Among all, chemexfoliation, also named as derma peel treatment, is considered as one of the best treatments to improve the skin appearance. In chemical peel treatment, chemical peels are used on the face frequently which is also used for improving the skin texture on your hands and neck.


How does Skin peel treatment work?
Skin peel treatment involves the application of chemical solutions on the skin surface for improving the texture of the skin by removing the damaged layers. Phenol, alpha hydroxy acids, and trichloroacetic acid are some chemicals used in this treatment. Based on your specific requirements, the formula of the chemicals is adjusted.

Results of skin peel treatment
  • Wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Acne and its scars
  • Damaged skin due to sun exposure
  • Scaly patches and rough skin
  • Freckles
  • Liver spots and age
  • Skin pigmentation
Skin peel treatment is mainly classified into three types, viz., light chemical peel, medium chemical peel, and deep chemical peel treatment.

Light chemical peel treatment
Light chemical peel treatment is preferred if your skin has dryness, irregular pigmentation, fine wrinkles, and acne. This chemical peel treatment removes the damaged outer layer of the skin by exfoliation which results in a healthy glow. This treatment is recommended to be done frequently for up to six weeks, so that desired results are seen.

Medium chemical peel treatment
This type of treatment is preferable if you have deep wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. Medium chemical peel treatment will help you in the elimination of skin cells from the outer layer as well as the upper and middle layer of the skin. This treatment can be taken once in every 6 to 12 months.

Deep chemical peel treatment
Deep chemical peel treatment is highly recommended if you have damaged skin, pre-cancerous growths, deep facial wrinkles, scars etc. Phenol is used for penetration of the lower dermal layer of the skin. This treatment requires a pre-treatment for at least 8 weeks.

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