Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Own Perfect Skin Through Laser Treatment

Laser treatments,  is now successfully implemented  in the area of dermatology, and every treatment related to skin. Laser stain removal, tattoo removal, laser to reduce wrinkles are usually done laser treatments. Dr. Rekha, Dermatologist offers Best Laser Skin Treatment in Mumbai.

A Laser can be considered a very accurate and very powerful torch. It is very accurate because we can control and maintain the shape and size of the light beam coming out of it, and control the type of light (wavelength) forming the beam.

How the laser works on skin treatments?

In laser Dermatological Treatment,  heat produced is used to remove the surface layers of skin: a high temperature, the die skin proteins (denature) and contract.
Some uses of lasers in dermatology are:

  • Skin rejuvenation.
  • Removal tattoos.
  • Treatment of acne.
  • Removal of warts or petty .
  • Removal of hair.
  • Stain removal.
  • Treatment of psoriasis.
  • Treatment of scars.

Types of Laser treatments:

The two main benefits of using laser skin treatments are:
  • Non - invasive : It is considered a technique little or minimally invasive, with a high safety profile and relatively short recovery. This is because it causes very little damage to the tissue around the target area.
  • Cash : It has proved highly effective in the treatment of many skin conditions in which it is applied, including psoriasis and acne.

Dr. Rekha’s Skin & Slim Centre, offers you variety of non-surgical and Laser treatments  in Maharashtra.

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