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Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

An overweight condition will create an uncomfortable situation causing damage to your health. The obesity rates have skyrocketed these days in the world. It is now a massive issue to men, women, young, old and even children. This obesity can lead to severe hazardous health issues like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Attaining and maintaining a healthy weight is vital for our overall health and will help you prevent many diseases and unhealthy conditions. Weight loss can be obtained using simple non-surgical methods. As long as you burn your calories, you may shed your pounds. Even a small reduction in weight can bring better difference in your health condition.

Keeping a practice of having a balanced and nutritious diet with required exercise will help you put down your weight in a healthy manner. The fact is, you make use of the energy that you do consume from the food you eat. If you are using a more amount of energy than you consume from food, you will lose your weight. But if you have a practice of eating more food than the energy you make use of, you will put on weight easily.

Side effects of Surgical weight loss:
Many of us are willing to lose our over weight, but are lazy to perform any physical actions for this. People are more preferring to have surgical approach to reduce their over weight. Even though it is an easy way of weight reduction, many of them are unaware of the defects of the surgical weight loss methods. Some might ignore the demerits even if they are aware of it, just because they need to get a quick result with less effort. But later on this ignorance can lead you to several troubles. Troubles you may face after having a surgical weight loss:
  • Eating a slightly increased amount of food than suggested will cause a painful stretching of your stomach.
  • An increased intake of food will cause vomiting.
  • You won’t be able to get involved in all physical activities.
  • You may experience a long time nutrition deficiency.
  • You need to follow certain strict measures and steps, or will suffer from many side effects.

Non-surgical treatments offered for weight loss:
A non-surgical approach for reducing your weight is the best method to get a healthy and easily maintainable lifestyle. Here we adopt latest cutting edge non-invasive fat reduction treatment to eliminate unwanted fat. This will involves a  planning of nutritious diet put together with certain exercise, by a qualified and well experienced personal nutrition.

Different kinds of non-surgical weight loss treatments offered are;
Ultrasound fat reduction : Also known as ultrasound cavitation, is one of the latest non-surgical fat removal procedure alternative to liposuction where fat in the body is melted using ultrasound waves and is flushed out of the body through the metabolic system. Being a non-surgical procedure this does not involve any anesthesia or hospital stay and so no recovery time. This is very similar to mesotherapy. This procedure is performed using a low frequency sound waves to destroy the intractable fat cells. Buttocks, abdomen, love handles, saddlebags, upper arms, inner knees and male breasts. You will see the result immediately after the first session, and performance of 2 to 5 sessions will give you the optimum result.

Tri-polar Radio Frequency (RF) : This method helps to metabolize the large granules of fat that was broken up by cavitation treatment. Intense heat involved in the process will contract and tighten the collagen fibres. When fibroblast metabolism gets increased, new collagen is produced, giving you a stronger and smoother skin. This helps in a lifted contour, reduction of deep wrinkles and acquiring thicker and stronger skin.

Lipolysis : Also called Mono-polar radio frequency combined with cavitation, is a procedure that causes the remaining adipose tissue to  break up, as well as tightens the skin.

Laser assisted liposuction : This works similar to ultrasound fat reduction technique, where fat cells in the body are disrupted and is removed efficiently. This is comparatively a less painful process.

Advantages of Non-surgical weight loss treatments:
  • Permanent removal of fat cells
  • Improvise the texture of skin, body contouring and reshaping
  • No complications
  • Healthy fat reduction
  • No side effects
  • Do not involve pain and anesthesia
  • Does not require any recovery time
  • Patients can resume their daily activities immediately

Dr. Rekha’s Skin & Slim Centre, offers you a wide variety of non-surgical treatments for weight loss in Maharashtra. We satisfy the different requirements of our clients, providing all the advanced treatments and procedure. We aim to give the best quality service to our clients.

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