Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Cosmetic Clinic In Mumbai

Dr.Rekha's Skin & Slim Centre

Our Skin & Slim centre provide a variety of treatments in different aspects. We will ensure that we are able to satisfy the different requirements of our clients.You can get all kinds of cosmetic treatments from our clinic.

About Us 
Dr.rekha is an expert in many fields like hair treatment, weight management, cosmetology etc. In her medical career, she had handled a good number of successful cases. Her experience and expertise in the field made her one of the most demanded doctors in cosmetology.Our Skin and Slim Centre is one of the best and trusted Cosmetic Clinic In Mumbai.

Treatments Offered 

 Aesthetic Issues

*  Facial Aesthetic Treatments
*  Laser Aesthetic Treatments

Hair Treatments

* Dandruff

* Hair loss

Skin Treatments
* Keloids

* Skin tightening

* Pigmentation

Weight Management

* Obesity

* Bulging tummy

We are also provide ' panchakarma treatments', it makes us unique from all other cosmetic clinics.
We are very happy to offer such variety of services at our clinic.Dr.Rekha's Skin and Slim Centre is one of the best Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai.

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  1. Want to help reduce that double chin?
    The ChinUp Mask will help reduce the appearance of unwanted fat around the neck and chin whilst moisturising the skin.