Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thread Lift Treatments for Facial Rejuvenation

Thread lift or fine thread contour therapy(FTC) is one of the advanced treatment procedure that gives you a precise and natural looking facelift. Its a minimal invasive procedure with less recovery time and can be accomplished with minimal scarring

Who is the best candidate for contour thread?
  • A person who need to lift sagging eyebrows.
  • An individual who wish to adjust eyebrows to right proportion
  • Those who need a support for sagging cheeks
  • Person with drooping facial tissues
  • A person who need to get rid of premature skin aging

Thread lift is an appropriate procedure for sagging tissue, it stimulates the blood circulation and collagen induction and helps to tighten the sagging skin, also your skin will get glowing effect and becomes more charming.

The procedure makes use of surgical sutures in order to lift the sagging regions of face, neck, brows etc. The contour thread is incorporated by tiny barbs and with the help of these barbs your cosmetic surgeon will lift the soft sagging tissues. Generally the procedure performed under local anasthesia.

Recovery and Results
You should not rub your face after surgery

and sleep on your back for at least 3 weeks following the procedure. Refrain from putting pressure on the face, and avoid opening your mouth excessively. You can resume your daily activities the very next day or. You may be able to resume your work in 2-3 days after the procedure

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