Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Re grow your hair! There are non-surgical remedies!!

Are you a person very much worried about your balding hair line? Are you very much worried about seeing more hair in your brush? Don’t worry too much. Modern medical technology has many medications in its store which can help you to re grow hair in your head without undergoing any costly and complicated surgical procedures. A few of them which have helped thousands of people to come out of their predicaments are detailed below.

Finasteride is a popular medicine taken regularly at the rate of one tablet per day by the patients for whom falling of hair is a serious problem. It had been found that 85 % of the patients who took this medicine regularly got satisfactory results for over five years. Dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone which is present in men and women in different ratios. This causes shrinkage of hair follicles resulting in loss of hair. Finasteride is a very popular medicine for controlling follicular hair loss. No side effects consequent to the use of this medicine have been reported so far except the loss of sex drive in about 2 % of the patients who used this medicine continuously.

Minoxidile is a lotion which can be used as an over the counter medicine for hair loss . This lotion is commonly marketed as Rogaine. Rubbing this lotion daily over the scalp has been found to be very effective in reducing the rate of fall of hair. This lotion also promotes re growing of the lost hair. But the great drawback of this lotion is that as soon as you stop using this, hair starts falling at a faster rate and whatever you have gained by using this medicine will be lost immediately.

Steroid injections and steroid creams have been found to be extremely useful in preventing hair loss. Injecting steroid into your scalp directly has been considered as a better option for treating hairloss due to alopecia areata which is a commonly seen as a female hairloss pattern. When injecting steroid is not prescribed by the doctor massaging the steroid into the scalp is a best option that can be thought about.
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